“International Marketing & eCommerce Internship” Program
is 1 month long – you’ll work with a great international team on an eCommerce-related project.



How does it benefit you?

e-commerce & Marketing skills

You will learn new eCommerce skills & marketing skills – it will provide development to your skills and will broaden your knowledge.


You will work for: “An American company, eCommerce services and International Marketing“. These are all trigger words for your future employer who will see your CV as much more valuable after this internship.


You will meet new, interesting, international young professionals on your assigned project – to network with, to become friends with, to learn from. These new international contacts may create some future opportunities for you.

work remotely

Work from home, coffee house, beach, or any other place. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi

flexible hours

Classes at university? No problem!

You can work as much as you can


Great, international team members.

English speaking only, a global marketing team.


By enhancing your CV with this new eCommerce experience (and your new better-looking CV) you might get better job opportunities going forward!

Treat this internship as an opportunity to invest in your own future!


Our internships projects are not paid financially but paid with: learning opportunity and rare eCommerce work experience – after only 1 month with us you will be able to make your CV much more attractive for future employers by showing you have done some eCommerce work related to Amazon, with an American company about international marketing. It’s an added work value for your CV!

Where is the office?

Your office is at your home.

We all work remotely in the Polish time-zone, but we can be very flexible. 




How long is the internship?

at the moment we are running 1-month program


Will I be hired after the internship?

You might, but it’s not guaranteed. We have hired
a few best, most hard-working interns before. However, the main purpose of the internship is the knowledge you get, experience, CV item that’s prestigious.

How many hours a day?

5 days during the week, full time (9-17), part-time (per your schedule)
max 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday


What position in my CV will I get?

International Marketing & eCommerce Internship with a USA based company servicing clients (a prestigious entry in any CV).





What if I have classes once a week or exams?

We understand that you want to gain a new experience during studies and it’s OK as long as you keep the internship as your primary responsibility. 

Is the internship fully in English or do I need to speak polish?

We’re a 100% English speaking office with an international environment.

will I get a recommendation letter after?

Yes, we are more than happy to share with other people about your engagement, if you will be able to present it during a period of working with us.


Claim your SPOT now
before it’s taken!

Meet new friends & add a prestigious eCommerce project
to your CV!

What Our Interns Say?


I felt very welcomed into the team from the second I started the internship. This program provided me with a breadth of skills and insight into the eCommerce and marketing world. Being able to communicate with people at different stages in life with various experiences has created confidence to work in the working world.


This program is amazing. For anyone looking to do work with an international team is the place to do it. I have learned so much and it has prepared me for future jobs. I came here to improve my resume with marketing skills, and ended up leaving this experience with a much more understanding of real life day to day business.


Great company culture. Even though people were busy, they were chatting and having fun as well. Support was always there by my manager and others more higher in the team. This was done by experiences out of the office to further my understanding of the company. I was exposed to all different channels in the team so that I could gain as much knowledge as possible.


The knowledge, training, and people are what makes this company what it is. If you’re unfamiliar with marketing & eCommerce space, you’ll find yourself learning and excelling quickly here.
I have graduated from university, therefore, the skills I have learnt will be hugely beneficial for my future jobs which I hope to pursue in the future.

international marketing
& e-commerce internship program 






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